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Information Channels for the Impacts of Resources

Below are frequently updated pages of news, relevant links, maps and graphics about natural resources, commodities and the impacts they have on people and society.

Oil Drilling in the Arctic Ocean --
Arctic drilling: Key Events, Documents and Maps
Economic News
Economic News affecting commodities, natural resources and conflict
Libya, Conflict over Oil, Gas and Politics
Russian Natural Gas
Following Russian Natural Gas
Fuel Shortages
Fuel shortages, recently and during history.
Algeria Fossil Fuels and Pipelines
The oil and gas fields of Algeria and the pipelines that distribute these fossil fuels.
Humanitarian Mapping
Background and overviews of using online and digital mapping to help respond to disasters and other humanitarian crises.
Keystone XL Pipeline
News and background on the Keystone XL pipeline
Conservation News
Conservation News - issues, problems and solutions
Commodity News
Up-to-date information about commodities, especially as the news relates to side effects such as conflict, environmental harm or economic conditions.
Conflict News
Up-to-date information and analysis on conflicts and how they are affecting people, the commodities trade and the earth's natural endowments.
Conflict Resolution
Articles and resources on negotiations, treaties and other efforts to end conflict.
A chronicle of the widening war in Syria.
Social Cost of Carbon
The US government estimates, in monetary terms, the damage that carbon does to people, the economy and society and uses the figure to assess the effectiveness of regulation.
Good Maps
Exemplary maps on the Web that explain important aspects of resources, economy and conflict.
Food Trade
A look at international and large scale commerce and finance of food and is implications.
Uranium Enrichment
The process of controlling the amount of Uranium 235 in fissile material. Levels of enrichment are important to nuclear power and nuclear weapons.
Photovoltaic Solar Cells
Photovoltaic solar cell information, including innovations and the history of supply and demand
Clean Cities
Basic information, latest news on clean cities
Pipeline Spills
Millions of miles of pipelines carry commercial products in the US. Some are hazardous.
South China Sea
Several nations, such as China, the Phillipines and Vietnam, are making competing claims for parts of this body of water.
Food Waste
Millions of tons of food are lost to waste each year.
Green Condominiums and Cooperatives
Best methods of saving energy and water in condos and co-ops
Winter Fuel
Examination of the price, supply and availability forecasts of winter fuels.
Causes, conditions and remediation of wildfires and dry forest conditions and losses.
Saudi Arabia's Giant Ghawar Oil Field
Saudi Arabia's biggest oil field
Conflict over Oil
The geopolitical and security risks of petroleum.
News and background on tropical cyclones
Sustainable gardening and permaculture with perennial plants improves crop yields naturally.
Extreme Weather
A look at disruptive and unusual weather; an investigation of its causes
Chevron Refinery Fire of Aug. 6, 2012
The Aug. 6, 2012 blaze
Local Gardening
Reducing Food Miles through Local, Human-Scale Food Production