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Travelers Seek to Beat $3 per Gallon Gasoline

Gas Prices since 2008, Source: US DOE, Click to enlarge
With gasoline prices passing $3 per gallon at the pump, motorists will face holiday road trips costing 16 percent more than last year.

Filling up a 16-gallon tank on average costs $48 this year, about $6 more than December 2009 when gasoline was $2.607 per gallon.

Here are Web resources that will help travelers control their gasoline costs:

Motor Trends gasoline price finder
AAA's trip cost calculator
Mapquest's low-price gas locator

News from our recommended news reading list

Brega airport taken near oil port; protesters object to new head of oil port guards
- 2014-07-12

Galveston Bay Spill Will Take Economic, Ecological Toll
The Texas Tribune - 2014-03-24

North Dakota pipeline break leaks 34,000 gallons of crude near Alexander
Bismarck Tribune - 2014-03-22

Exxon says it's completed soil cleanup from Arkansas pipeline spill
Dallas Business Journal - 2014-03-17

Crimea Claims Ownership to Ukrainian Black Sea Oil and Gas - Sofia News Agency - 2014-03-17
Crimea creates a new Ministry of Energy and Fuel. The secessionists have claimed ownership and control of Chernomorneftegaz and Ukrtransgaz, two Ukranian oil and gas firms.

Iraq returns as world's fastest-growing oil exporter
Reuters - 2014-03-05
OPEC's second largest producer, Iraq is producing at least 2.8 million barrels a day.

Study finds little enforcement in Alberta tar sands infractions
Calgary Herald - 2013-07-23
Fewer than one percent of the reported environmental concerns received any enforcement action, said a study that was based on a Freedom of Information request in Canada.

Mayflower oil spill timeline with official documents
Arkansas Online - 2013-06-30
Includes EPA reports and Material Safety Data Sheet for Wabasca heavy crude.

With Unusual Speed Officials Slap Exxon with Oil Spill Lawsuit. Why?
InsideClimate News - 2013-06-19

Oil Price Highest Since January on Syria Concerns
Associated Press - 2013-06-15
Oil climbs $1.82 per barrel to $97.85 per barrel.

A powerful use for spoiled food - Anaerobic digestion produces electricity - 2013-05-18
Kroger says spoiled food from some of its grocery stores in the Los Angeles area can generate 13 million kilowatt hours of electricity, enough for 2,000 typical homes.

Mountain of Petroleum Coke From Oil Sands Rises in Detroit - 2013-05-18
Petroleum coke from the processing of tar sands bitumen is piling up by the Detroit River. Petroleum coke is often exported to China where it is burned ads fuel. It is highly polluting.

Peak oil, climate change and pipeline politics drive Syria conflict - 2013-05-13
Syria, once self-sufficient in wheat, has become dependent on imports.

Can Libya's Oil Recovery Survive 2013?
Forbes - 2013-05-11
Libya has asked OPEC to increase its production to 1.7 million barrels per day. This comes as its GPD has grown significantly since the Arab Spring uprising.

Exxon Mobil said freestanding oil recovered from Mayflower, AR, spill - 2013-05-08

Hydrofracking Could Strain Western Water Resources, Study Finds - 2013-05-02
From the Ceres report: "Nearly half of 25,450 oil and gas wells evaluated in U.S. are in water basins with high and extremely high water stress; industry’s future growth depends on accelerating solutions such as more water recycling, better water management planning"

Experts cautious of impact of oil on trade deficit in Uganda
The Monitor (Uganda) - 2013-05-02
Some in this African nation are wary about the impact of the importing of capital goods to increase oil production.

Fire put out at Marathon refinery in Detroit, processed Canadian Heavy Oil
Detroit Free Press - 2013-04-28

Peak oil isn't dead: An interview with Chris Nelder
Washington Post - 2013-04-27
Chris Nelder said that in order for the world's economy to produce more than 73 million barrels of oil per day (which it reached in 2005) the level of investment in oil had to double; also he noted that the price of oil tripled. In 2012 the world's oil production was 75.5 million barrels per day.

EU set to buy oil from anti-Assad rebels after lifting Syrian embargo
The Independent - 2013-04-23
Damaged infrastructure expected to complicate the deal.

Uganda, DR Congo officials agree on good relationship in oil regions - 2013-04-22

These 5 countries supplied 70% of all U.S. oil imports last year
Market Watch - 2013-04-19

These 5 countries supplied 70% of all U.S. oil imports last year
Market Watch - 2013-04-19

Britain, France claim Syria used chemical weapons
Washington Post - 2013-04-19
Soil samples and witnesses bolster case that chemical weapons have been used in conflict

Judge rules administration overlooked fracking risks in California mineral leases
Reuters - 2013-04-09
The decision delays fracking in two tracts of the Monterrey Shale Formation. The two tracts are 2,500 acres, but the formation as a whole may hold 15 billion of oil. - 2013-04-08
Exports of petroleum products rise as imports fall. But the gap is still close to $10 billion.

Syria oil industry buckling under rebel gains
AP - 2013-04-06
Syria's typical production of 380,000 barrels a day has been cut in half.

Web Extra: Aerial Footage of Mayflower Oil Spill in Arkansas
Arkansas Matters - 2013-04-03

Protecting Water from Oil Sands Operations: Legacy of Broken Promises
The Energy Collective - 2013-04-01

Exxon oil spill cleanup ongoing in Arkansas, pipeline shut
Reuters - 2013-04-01
As of noon Monday (two full days after the spill) 12,000 barrels of oil and water had been recovered. Pipeline operator Exxon did not give an exact estimate of the level of the spill and has yet to begin its investigative excavation to discover the cause of the spill From the Web site: 'The Exxon pipeline was carrying Canadian Wabasca Heavy crude at the time of the leak, a bitumen oil from the massive Pelican Lake field in northern Alberta.'

Suncor, Total bow out of Canadian oil-sands plant
Market Watch - 2013-04-01
Total to write of $1.65 billion.

Libya's oil sector makes quick recovery after 2011 revolution
The Washington Post - 2013-03-16

China willing to join Exxon at giant Iraq oilfield
Reuters - 2013-03-05

Burma to Open Offshore Blocs to Auction
Associated Press - 2013-03-04
Burma, also known as Myanmar, plans to put 20 offshore oil and natural gas areas to foreign investors. Also, it is facing delays on a pipeline to China because of violence in its northeast.

Iran to build oil refinery in Pakistan
News.Az - 2013-02-21
The $4-billion refinery would process 400,000 barrel per day in the port city of Gwadar.

Oil Sands Mining Uses Up Almost as Much Energy as It Produces
InsideClimate News - 2013-02-19
Oil from tar sands takes a great deal of energy to produce. To produce 5 barrels of oil requires 1 barrel ofl oil equivalent for surface mines. But if extractors have to dig for the tar sands then 1 barrel of oil input yields only 2.9 barrels output.

Bomb attack in Iraq targets oil 16-inch pipeline near Beiji
AP - 2013-02-18
The bombing in Ninenvah province affected the Iraq's largest oil refinery.

Keystone XL Protest Draws 50,000 as Permit Decision Approaches
GlobalResourcesNews Video - 2013-02-17

Oil bottleneck gives Rockies cheaper gasoline
Associated Press - 2013-02-02

Oil bottleneck gives Rockies cheaper gasoline
Associated Press - 2013-02-02

Keystone Pipeline Route Approved by Nebraska Governor - 2013-01-23
Nebraska's governor said the new route skirts the Nebraska Sand Hill and asks President Obama to approve it as well. The NYT story is accompanied by a map of the original route, the revision and the locations of the Nebraska Sand Hills and the Platte River.

Algeria army-backed oil security suffers biggest blow
Reuters - 2013-01-17
The attack on In Amenas natural gas field calls into question the security that the country's armed forces have been providing the oil sector. This article lists a number of other oil fields that are most vulnerable to attack by terrorists.

Cenovus upgraded, Nexen downgraded at JPMorgan
Financial Post - 2013-01-17
Analyst says that because stock price is near the bid by the Chinese National Overseas Oil Corp. there is little prospect for valuation growth. She also noted that relative weakness in North American oil prices conflicts with the high level of capital expenditures needed to develop.

Nov. Oil Deficit Falls, But Persists Above $10 Billion per Month - 2013-01-12

What Shell's Kulluk Oil Rig Accident Means for Arctic Drilling
Popular Mechanics - 2013-01-02

All crew off drill ship, moving in Gulf of Alaska
AP - 2012-12-30
Eighteen crew members were evacuated as the Kulluk as its tow vessel gets its motors running again. That vessel and the Coast Guard are trying to move the Kulluk to a safe inlet 20 miles north on Kodiak Island, but 20- to 30-foot waves and winds in excess of 20 knots are hampering the operation.

Russia Lukoil to Cut Iraq Oil Production By 30% After Govt Decision
Rigzone - 2012-12-28
Iraq announced its goal of propping up prices of oil and Lukoil said it would reduce West Qurna-2 output from 1.8 million barrels a day to 1.2 mbd.

Little Oversight for Enbridge Pipeline Route that Skirts Lake Michigan
InsideClimate News - 2012-12-27
Enbridge pipeline 6B would carry 21 million gallons of oil per day within 11 miles of Lake Michigan with little impact. The article has two good maps showing the pipeline, the lake and the population centers affected.

Total: Oil Production to Peak at 98M Barrels per Day
Dow Jones Newswire via Rigzone - 2012-12-13
The French oil company increased its estimate of the peak oil plateau up from 95 million barrels per day. THe introduction of tight oil and shale oil from the US will help, but not give the US energy independence Total CEO Christophe de Margerie said.

BHP Billiton sells stake in Australia gas project to PetroChina for $1.6 billion
The Washington Post - 2012-12-12
The billion dollar deal comes on the heels of Canada approving a $15 billion dollar acquisition of Nexen with its oil sands properties in Alberta.

Canada Clears $15 Billion Chinese Takeover of an Energy Company - 2012-12-08
Prime Minister Stephen Harper tells investors not to expect more big sales of Canadian assets to foreign interests.

Despite oil wealth of country, many Saudis live in poverty
The Washington Post - 2012-12-04
Somewhere between 2 million and 4 million of Saudi Arabia's 28 million population lives below the poverty line of $17 a day despite the country's status as the world's largest oil producer.

Indian navy prepared to deploy to South China Sea to protect oil interests
Reuters - 2012-12-03
Although it has no territorial claims in the South China Sea, one of its oil companies does have a stake in the Nam Con Son basin near Vietnam.

Rebels take another oil field: Syria activist
The Daily Star - 2012-11-30
The Syrian opposition forces took Omar oil field near the Iraqi border.

GlobalResourcesNews stories on the search term: oil

Jet Shot Down in East Ukraine

Oil Assets Change Hands in MENA Conflicts

Fragile State Index Tracks A Decade Of Resource, Political Conflict

Mosul Falls to Insurgents in Iraq

Deep-Sea Mining Tech Unveiled

Smog Spreads in Southeast Asia

US Plans Arms for Syrian Rebels

Pipeline Spills Becoming More Costly

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Targeted in Budget

Pegasus Pipeline Spill in Arkansas

Kenyan Vote Held Valid

KXL Pipeline Comments Due in April

Iraq Charts Oil Future Amidst Challenges

Pipelines Protested by Native Americans

Kenyan Elections Test Country's Future

Algerian Gas Plant Raid Has Deadly Impact

Offshore Problems Beset Shell in North

April Oil Deficit at $11.4 Billion

Winter Fuel Spending to Rise: EIA

Offshore Drilling Safety After Macondo

Arctic Drilling Continues Despite Test Failure

Isaac Hits Gulf. Venezuelan Refinery Smolders

US Oil Suppliers Assessed

Canada Clears China's $15.1B Bid for Nexen Oil Firm

Pipeline Attack Reduces Iraq Oil Exports

Mineral-Rich States Among the Least Stable

OPEC Spare Capacity Drops, But Now Prices Fall

Marcellus Shale Impacts Pennsylvania Economy

Oil Ends Week Lower, Gasoline Dropping

Oil Report Lowers Price of Nymex Contracts

Oil Prices Fall Slightly on Inventory Increase

South Sudan Takes Sudanese Oil Town of Heglig

Tight Oil Adds Energy Security, Has Local Impact

Oil Ends Week, Starts December Above $100

Keystone XL Opposed as Decision Nears

Conference in DC Addresses Peak Oil

Oil Stays in $90 Range Despite Big Inventory

Libya's Gaddafi Killed in Rebellion

Oil Markets Watch Libyan End Game

New Geopolitics of Clean Energy Emerging

UN Forecasts Growth in Clean Energy Jobs

Gas Prices Keep Rising, Oil Nears $100

Libyan Revolt Grows, Oil Reserves High

Obama Seeks to Cut Oil, Gas, Coal Subsidies

Oil Slips Slightly As Mideast Talks Continue

Natural Gas Shortages Hit New Mexico, Arizona

Brent Crude Oil Still Above $100, US Gas $3.10

Bingaman: Energy Policy Must Be World-Class

Oil and Politics Mix Uneasily in Strife-Prone Middle East

Congressional Committees Look at Offshore Drilling Safety and Economics

Obama: End Oil Subsidies, Finance Alternatives

Holiday Travelers Find Gasoline is $3 per Gallon

World Celebrates Peace, Goodwill to All Creation on Christmas 2010

Political Power Shifts Within Corn-Rich States

Chu Calls for Research on New Energy Sources

Pennsylvania Gears Up for More Shale Gas

Ecology Ranks High in Online News Awards

Alaska National Oil Reserve Estimate Cut by 90%

Highlights From 2012 and 2011 Winter Fuel Outlooks

BP Report Looks at Deepwater Horizon Disaster

$1 Million Prize for the Best Ocean Oil Cleanup

Studies Look at Links Between Oil and Congress

Gulf Oil Spill Preoccupies World Oceans Day

Offshore Oil From Gulf Spill Washing Ashore

Experts: Green Jobs Growing, But Policy Must Keep Pace

E-Cars' Impact Assessed In Hundreds of Billions of Dollars

Obama to Open New Areas to Offshore Drilling

Solar-Powered Water Purifier Can Clean 6,500 Gallons a Day

Expert Commentary on the Gulf Oil Spill

Map of Brega Oil Terminal

Bioswales Channel Rainwater to Sustain a Garden

Climate Change: Human versus Natural Causes

CIA Cover Story Gives Birth to Deep Ocean Mining

Table of the Freedom, Stability, Corruption & Peace Status of US Oil Suppliers

Maps of Shale Gas and Oil

Externalities and Hidden Costs of Economic Activity

DOE International Energy Outlook Sees Big Energy Use Increase by 2035

Unified, Long-Term Renewable Energy Policy Needed, says Sen. Murkowski

Oil Production in Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Links with Maps of Libya Oil Fields, Pipelines and Terminals

Condos, Co-ops Save Energy with Good Studies

New Clean Energy Geopolitics Emerging

UN Security Council Resolution 1973
Establishing No-Fly Zone over Libya
and Authorizing All Necessary Actions to Protect Civilians in that Conflict

Green Jobs Will Grow with Investment of 2% of Global GDP: UN Forecast

Marcellus Shale - Facts, Figures, Maps

World Ocean Day Videos with Celine Cousteau and scientists

Charts, Graphs and Images
Explaining Commodities

Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference 2010

British Industry Group Examines Peak Oil

Renewable Energy Technology 2010 Conference

Celine Cousteau on the world's oceans

John Hofmeister, ex-CEO of Shell Oil, forecasts $5/gallon gasoline by 2012 His Platts Energy Week interview is above. Here are his comments on the CNN Parker Spitzer Web site.

Links for the search term: oil

Syria's Energy Situation, by the US DOE

Cross-sector analysis of the impacts of climate change
Abstracts of presenters at the May 2013 International Conference on Climate Change Effects in Postsdam.

Risk of ecosystem shift under climate change, a multi-model analysis, Lila Warszawski, Germany
Assessing simulations of climate change impacts on terrestrial ecosystems, Tim Rademacher, UK
Statistical evaluation of uncertainties in future projection of global soil carbon dynamics relevant to sensitivities of global temperature and precipitation changes, Kazuya Nishina, Japan
Impact of future sea-level rise on global risk of coastal floods, Jochen Hinkel, Germany
Multi-model assessment of water scarcity under climate change, Jacob Schewe, Germany
Climate change and malaria: intercomparison of global malaria models, Sari Kovats, UK
Assessing agricultural risks of climate change in the 21st century in a global gridded crop model intercomparison, Cynthia Rosenzweig, USA
Crop responses to elevated CO2 concentration: How certain are we?, Delphine Deryng, UK
Comparing projections of future changes in runoff and water resources from hydrological and ecosystem models in ISI-MIP, Pete Falloon, UK
A global multi-model perspective on the potential and limitations of irrigation for climate change adaptation, Joshua Elliott, USA
Leaving the world as we know it: Hotspots of global climate change impacts, Franziska Piontek, Germany
Impact cascades of climate change, Katja Frieler, Germany

The conversion factors cover calculation between weight, volume and calorific measures. They provide data for crude oil, products, natural gas, LNG, electricity and solid fuels
1 billion cubic feet of LNG = 0.021 million metric tons

How to Power the World without Fossil Fuels
From the site: Mark Jacobson says he can run the planet solely on wind, water and solar energy. First stop: New York State

Battle Map: Site of Tigatourine natural gas facility at In Amenas in Algerian desert
On Jan 16, 2013 militants seized a remote natural gas facility in Algeria's extraction and pipeline network. The next Algerian forces attempted to rescue hostages and retake the facility. Reportedly 30 of the 41 hostages died during the attempt.

Climate Progress Critique of Oil Company Tax Breaks
Pointing out that ExxonMobil paid 14% or less in corporate taxes in recent years, the article describes four types of tax breaks: the depletion allowance; the domestic manufacturing tax deduction; the foreign tax credit; and the expensing of intangible costs.

Interactive Map of Oil and Geologic Provinces of the Arabian Peninsula

Wildlife Impacts of the Gulf Oil Disaster Exploring Hydrocarbon Depletion

Retired Nigerian general speaks on oil theft and terrorism

6 Of The Biggest Untapped Oil Fields In The World, slide show Read more:

Treehugger, Monbiot and Is Peak Oil Over? by Sharon Astyk

Robert L. Hirsch's critique of a WSJ article on a CERA oil decline study
Discusses and takes exception the January 17, 2008 Wall Street Journal article entitled 'New Fields May Offset Oil Drop,' which asserts a 4.5% annual decline in production rate alleviates risk of peak oil in the near-term.

Giant oil field decline rates and their influence on world oil production, an article from Energy Policy

A July 24, 2012 essay assessing peak oil and decline rates of oil production
From the Web site: This is a guest post from Chris Nelder, an energy expert who has spent a decade studying and writing about energy and related issues. He has written two books (Profit from the Peak and Investing in Renewable Energy) . He blogs at and writes the Energy Futurist column for SmartPlanet.

Oil production costs by country, 2009

Map of Canadian Energy Resources
Interactive map with layers of different types of resources. The Web site also has maps of the provinces.

Alberta Oil Sands Fact Sheet
Places Alberta third in the world in proven oil reserves (169.3 billion bbls), after Saudi Arabia (260.1 billion bbls) and Venezuela 2112).

Situation on the Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline
Map-laden primer on the oil potential of Kurdistan and the security challenges of bringing it to market through the Iraqi-Turkish pipeline.

Soil Moisture Essential Climate Variable of the ESA
The important role of soil moisture for the environment and climate system is well known. Soil moisture influences hydrological and agricultural processes, runoff generation, drought development and many other processes. It also impacts on the climate system through atmospheric feedbacks. Soil moisture is a source of water for evapotranspiration over the continents, and is involved in both the water and the energy cycles. Soil moisture was recognised as an Essential Climate Variable (ECV) in 2010.

EIA Iraq Petroleum Information page
Has oil infrastructure table

Petroleum Geology and Total Petroleum Systems of the Widyan Basin and Interior Platform of Saudi Arabia and Iraq, USGS 2002

Major Iraqi Oil Fields

New IMF Working Paper Models Impact of Oil Limits on the Economy

Oil Shale's Energy Return on Energy Investment Findings show oil shale is, at best, a marginal energy source

DOE Office of Petroleum Reserves – Strategic Unconventional Fuels Fact Sheet: U.S. Oil Shale Resources

Green River Oil Shale Formation - Green River Shale Map

Green River shale oil in place put at 1.45 trillion bbl

Global Drought: Analysis of Historic and Future Soil Moisture Variability

This is a quick-reference list of conversion factors used by the Bioenergy Feedstock Development Programs at ORNL.

Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center - Conversion Tables Contents taken from Glossary: Carbon Dioxide and Climate, 1990. ORNL/CDIAC-39, Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis

NYT OP-ED CONTRIBUTORS Let’s Keep Our Hands Off the Emergency Oil Supply By JAMES L. JONES and JASON S. GRUMET

USGS World Energy Resources

Azar oil field declared commercial by Iran

Case Study on Saudi Aramco

Going Back to the First Look at Saudi Oil Fields

The "Demonization" of Muslims and the Battle for Oil by Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, January 4, 2007

Preparing for a Post Peak Life

Toward Energy Literacy: Our "Peak Oil" Reality By Tam Hunt, Contributor March 12, 2012

World's Biggest Oil Fields

oil field estimates

Peak Oil is here, Crude Oil price to reach $150 by 2012 Year End,
Feb 24, 2012 - By: Sam_Chee_Kong

Flawed Oil Forecasts Hide Continued Upward Pressure On Prices

Infographic on oil's effect on the world

Production increases in 2012 may more than make up for Iranian lost sales

Should oil be used as a weapon?

Solar Yacht Sails Around the World Using Lithium Ion Batteries and Panels

Factbox: Strait of Hormuz

The Peak Oil Crisis: Closing Out the Year

Stephan Liozu; Oil dependence

Analysis of Alaskan oil from a small cap energy investor
Discusses how Prudhoe Bay peaked in 1989 after about 12 years of production and has been declining ever since.

What Peak Oil Looks Like By John Michael Greer


High Oil Prices Are Here to Stay

Villagers Become Citizen Journalists in Rural Indonesia

Plains to buy BP's natural gas liquids business for $1.67 bln

Pimco – Four Oil Price Scenarios if There Is a Strike on Iran

Time to Buy One of the Best Peak Oil Investments | Alternative Energy Stocks

Shale Oil

Saudi Peak Oil Could Affect World in 2012

Peak Oil Conference, 2011 coverage

Repsol Corporate Information and general contents: cars, motor, the weather and more -

13 Oil and Infrastructure Stocks That Will Rebuild Libya | InvestorPlace

Will Natural Gas Ever Beat out Big Oil? |

Sustainable energy not such a remote concept after all - The National

Libyan Oil Returns at Bad Time for Market -

Libya's oil picture - The Washington Post

The List: The World's Largest Untapped Oil Fields | Foreign Policy

Giant Oil Fields of the World Presentation AIM Industrial Contact Day Monday 23 May 2005

Oil & Gas Leasing State Maps

Wintershall, other firms crank up Libyan oil output
The story reports that Ubifrance's director general estimates $30 billion needed between 2011-15 "to take Libyan oil production to 3 million b/d.”

US energy resources information

Catalyst for sulphur removal from hydrocarbons - Alberta Oil Sands Technology and Research Authority
From site: "...oil sand bitumen, large deposits of which exist in the Athabasca oil sand deposits of Alberta, Canada, contain about 4.5 to 5.0% by weight sulphur."

Tar Sands Basics
From site: "About two tons of tar sands are required to produce one barrel of oil. Roughly 75% of the bitumen can be recovered from sand."

Oil Shocks Show Libya Recovery May Take Years

OPEC's list of Upstream Oil Projects in Libya, issued before revolt


World Oil Transit Chokepoints Energy Data, Statistics and Analysis - Oil, Gas, Electricity, Coal

Oil Market Implications for Middle East and North Africa Unrest

Report on Sitre oil reserves in Libya

History of Petroleum Geology of Libya

International Energy Agency July Oil Market Report

Libya oil field battle lines

EIA - Countries - Russia - Map of Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines

Noam Chomsky - Deterring Democracy: 3April2011 CHOMSKY WRITES ABOUT Libya and the World of Oil

Karl Naylor.: The Stakes in the Libyan War.

List of oil refineries - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Factbox: Libyan oil production, exports, customers | Reuters

Peak oil now More About Demand Than Supply

Fuel Molecules

10 ways to save money on gasoline

Energy Information Administration (EIA) | State Energy Profiles | Energy Data, Information, and Maps

ISGS - Illinois Oil and Gas Resources (ILOIL) Internet Map Service

NETL: NATCARB - CO2 Storage - Oil and Gas Reservoirs

Bioenergy Conversion Factors
Carbon content of fossil fuels and bioenergy feedstocks

* coal (average) = 25.4 metric tonnes carbon per terajoule (TJ)
o 1.0 metric tonne coal = 746 kg carbon
* oil (average) = 19.9 metric tonnes carbon / TJ
* 1.0 US gallon gasoline (0.833 Imperial gallon, 3.79 liter) = 2.42 kg carbon
* 1.0 US gallon diesel/fuel oil (0.833 Imperial gallon, 3.79 liter) = 2.77 kg carbon
* natural gas (methane) = 14.4 metric tonnes carbon / TJ
* 1.0 cubic meter natural gas (methane) = 0.49 kg carbon
* carbon content of bioenergy feedstocks: approx. 50% for woody crops or wood waste; approx. 45% for graminaceous (grass) crops or agricultural residues

Petroleum Geology of Libya

The Oil Drum | Stories tagged with "passive solar series"

U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources hearing to receive testimony on oil market forecast

GOP senators save a tax break for Big Oil | Energy | - Houston Chronicle

Eliminating tax subsidies for oil companies « Climate Progress

Publication 535 (2009), Business Expenses

Energy Tax Hike Series: Repeal Expensing of Intangible Drilling Costs

Oil & Gas Investor Tax Benefits - Deductions - Intangible Drilling Costs (IDC)

Protecting America's Far-Flung Oil Supply | JINSA Online

Overview of Gulf Security Situation by INSS

Strauss Center :: Frequently Asked Questions for Hormuz Straights

World Oil - Upstream News | Technology | Exploration | Drilling | Production | Statistics | Careers | Events

Our Finite World | Providing a wide view of what may be ahead

Energy Export Databrowser

Report: 'World at peak oil output' -

Infrastructure - Central Texas - Texas In Focus

Datapages - Search and Discovery

Energy Report - Crude Oil

10 Natural, Organic Oils With Huge Health Benefits (Slideshow) : TreeHugger

Alaska Region, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

The Arctic

Oil and Water | Earth Island Journal | Earth Island Institute

Peak Oil is Here

UK Energy Research Centre : Global Oil Depletion

World Oil Reserves--The Problem of Reliable Data

EIA - 2010 International Energy Outlook - Liquid Fuels

World oil reserves at 'tipping point'

World Petroleum Assessment-Information, Data and Products, USGS-ERP

AAA Fuel Gauge Report

Rising oil, gas values benefit some counties | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

Americans using 8% less gasoline than 2006 peak, will never go up again | Peak Oil News and Message Boards

The Price of Unleaded Gas Vs. a Barrel of Oil |
From the Web site: 'Out of a barrel of typical crude oil, refining will produce 19 to 20 gallons of gasoline, 9 gallons of diesel or heating oil, 4 gallons of jet fuel and 8 to 9 gallons of various other products.'

HowStuffWorks "How Gas Prices Work"
From the Web site: 'Each barrel of oil contains 42 gallons (159 L), which yields 19 to 20 gallons (75 L) of gasoline. So, in the United States, something like 178 million gallons of gasoline is consumed every day.'

Calculate the estimated fuel cost of your trip with AAA Fuel Cost Calculator.

Gas Prices by state and by city map

GasPriceWatch - Power to the People at the Pump

USA National Gas Price Heat Map -, tracking gasoline and petroleum prices

Peak Coal Projections Analyzed with transform functions

Fossil Fuel Beta Explained

WSJ Mapped Analysis of Types of Oil Rigs in the Gulf of Mexico
One in four deepwater wells in the Gulf of Mexico use the long-string design of well. This type design, used by the Deepwater Horizon, is considered riskier than liner-style well.

Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

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