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Natural Gas Could Ease Pain of Regulations

As the EPA begins to enforce new regulations of pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide coal-fired plants will start to retire, but existing natural gas plants will be ready to take up some of the slack, said experts at the World Energy Engineering Congress.

Starting in January 2011, a series of new regulations will cause operators of older coal-fired plants to question the viability of their operations. Some have suggested that over the years at least 50 gigawatts of coal generation will be retired. This has been called, in some quarters, a coming train wreck.

Despite the criticism, panelists said, many of these regulations are mandated by law or by court orders and will start to go into effect. The panel discussed legislative and regulatory prospects given the shift in politics during the November elections.

Natural gas plants have been built at a growing rate in the US as plans for coal plants have been cancelled. Although existing natural gas generators are not sufficient to replace all the capacity that might be retired under the new regulations, it is enough to cushion the initial transition.

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A Wyoming ranch feels the effects of using deep aquifers as toxic mineral dumps. The EPA has granted over 1,500 aquifer exemptions for this type of dumping.

Little Oversight for Enbridge Pipeline Route that Skirts Lake Michigan
InsideClimate News - 2012-12-27
Enbridge pipeline 6B would carry 21 million gallons of oil per day within 11 miles of Lake Michigan with little impact. The article has two good maps showing the pipeline, the lake and the population centers affected.

Pa. charities: $19M for gas drilling research
Associated Press - 2012-10-07
Opponents of tracking say the private grants are filling holes left by tepid regulations.

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New York Times - 2011-01-31

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The fate of coal depends on more than new EPA regulations. Deutsche bank, the Post reports, says coal generators are hard to insure and that electricity from natural gas produces 29% fewer emissions.

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EU to Propose Offshore Drilling Rules, Extending Clean Up Liability
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Tougher Drilling Rules Could Put Crude at $90/bbl, says Total CEO
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EPA: Climate Bill Average Cost Under $1/Day
Time - 2010-06-15
The EPA said the "American Power Bill" would cost households about $80-$150/year, (22-40 cents/day). (See analysis.) Others say the bill has the potential to lower household energy bills.

UN Seeks Funds for 3rd World Climate Help
Reuters - 2010-06-08
A UN climate group is looking at sources to pay for climate programs in developing countries. Fees on aviation and shipping and earmarks from carbon markets are being considered.

US Readies New Rules for Offshore Drilling in Shallow Water
Reuters - 2010-06-08

CFTC Looks to Regulate More Contracts, But Not Carbon
Reuters - 2010-04-27

Reid Encourages Graham to Keep Working on Climate Bill
The Hill - 2010-04-27

EU Carbon Permits Hit $20.92 a Tonne, an 11-Month High
Reuters - 2010-04-27
There were 1,680 lots traded. Certified emission reductions were also up 0.94% to 14 euros a tonne. The EEX was up 0.36% to 52.50 euros a megawatt hour.

EPA to Review Economics of Climate Bill
Greenwire via New York Times - 2010-04-26
Despite the delays borne of politics, the would-be co-sponsors of the Senate climate bill are submitting their proposal to the EPA for a necessary economic impact review.

Back and Forth Politics Tangles Climate Bill
Politico - 2010-04-25

Climate Bill Planning Stalled over Transporation
Reuters - 2010-04-23

US Sends Climate Action Report to UN on Eve of Legislation
Original Document - 2010-04-19

Point Carbon Forecasts Climate Bill Effects
Reuters - 2010-04-16
Point Carbon forecasts that a proposed climate bill would add 27 cents to a gallon of gasoline by 2020 and that there would be $31 per tonne price on carbon under a carbon cap system.

April 26 Rollout for Senate Climate Bill Slated
The New York Times - 2010-04-15

Coal Execs Spar on US Carbon Regulation Policies
Greenwire, New York Times - 2010-04-15

New Senate Climate Bill Due Around Apr. 22, Earth Day
The Des Moines Register - 2010-04-02
Midwestern politicians have cited concerns over large potential increases in electric rates.

EPA Tightens Vehicle Emissions Rules
Reuters - 2010-04-02
The EPA is requiring vehicles to get 35.5 mpg and emit no more than 250 grams of CO2 per mile by 2016. The rule could cost $52 billion but provide $240 billion in health and fuel savings.

EPA to Limit Mountaintop Mining
The Washington Post - 2010-04-01

EU to Assess Emissions Soon
The New York Times - 2010-03-30
The European Commission on Thursday is to give preliminary numbers about the emissions of industry. This report will affect the trade and price of carbon permits.

CEOs Call for Climate Policy Certainty
Reuters - 2010-03-05
Leading CEO's in the energy and alternative technology sectors called for clarity in government policies designed to combat climate change. Speaking at a Wall Street Journal conference, executives of firms in efficiency technology, coal and oil said they would support cap-and-trade regulations.

EPA Release Draft of National Carbon Monoxide Standards
Federal Register - 2010-03-05

Utilities Seek Nuke Construction Costs Upfront from Consumers
The Washington Post - 2010-03-02
Utilities in states are seeking, and getting, permission to charge rate-payers for the construction of nuclear power plants before they go online, the Washington Post reports.

Clean Water Law Enforcement Restricted
The New York Times - 2010-03-01
EPA regulators are unsure which waterways come under Clean Water Act protection due to a recent Supreme Court decision, the New York Times reported in its Toxic Waters series. Some firms and government agencies are saying that they may discharge pollutants into water without violating Federal law.

DOE Seeking Comment on Energy Standards for Manufactured Housing - 2010-02-22
The Department of Energy is approaching its deadline, under the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, to establish standards for energy efficiency in manufactured housing.

Specifically under provisions of the act, the department must make the standards compliant with the most recent version of the International Energy Conservation Code, unless they decide that alternate methods would be more effective.

The standards will address differences in climate zones and considerations based on factory construction versus on-site construction.

The notice in the Code of Federal Regulations can be found here. The deadline for comments is March 24.

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DOE page on the background and status of building codes

Overview of the International Energy Conservation Code

Congress Looks to Regulate 'Frac' Gas Drilling
Reuters - 2010-02-19

Chamber Indicates it Will Fight EPA on Carbon Rules
Reuters - 2010-02-16
The US Chamber of Commerce has said it will challenge the EPA's authority to regulate carbon emissions. In its statement the Chamber said its challenge was based on legal procedures rather than scientific issues.

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