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This site covers the interrelations of the environment, the economy and conflict. It blends original content about policy and consumer matters with news aggregation from reputable sources and a directory of relevant Web sites.

We link environmental and economic news to your interests.

The publisher and editor of the site is Robert Thomason, a journalist formerly with the Washington Post. While at the Post, Thomason was the principal researcher for foreign news. He also wrote on many topics for the Post, such as the initial popularity of the Web, business, recessions, technology and energy management.

Thomason visited and wrote about the troubles in the Balkans, and traveled in Central America and Mexico writing about economics and politics. He contributed to a National Geographic investigation of trafficking in threatened animal species, analyzing international trade flows for the magazine.

Thomason's journalism continues to draw upon his roots in community newspapers. His main coursework in college, both for his degree from UNC-Chapel Hill and later, was in journalism and economics.

Recently Published Work

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An e-commerce site devoted to movies inspired by history.
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Mission Statement
To provide a platform for journalistic, Web publishing, information technology and related services and ventures. The essential value added will be to assist an audience or a client with well-documented analysis, drawing insightful connections between the relevant parts and providing actionable risk assessment.

For more information about our Terms of Service, our Corporate Values and our Vision Statement, please visit this page. Please send comments to editor@globalresourcesnews.com

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