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The Dealmaker Who Helped a U.S. Hedge Fund Score Congo Oil Prize
2015-05-08  Boomberg Business - Categorized under commodities

Mexican gold mines beset by robberies, kidnappings
2015-04-08  The Globe and Mail - Categorized under conflict

Russian Oil Exports Dropped as Buyers Diversified Sources
2015-04-07  Forbes - Categorized under commodities

Fighting in Yemen is creating a humanitarian crisis
2015-04-07  The Washington Post - Categorized under conflict
Food supplies are dwindling in the country under assault from foreign and native insurgencies as well as Saudi interventions.

In China's Inner Mongolia, mining spells misery for traditional herders
2015-04-07  The Washington Post - Categorized under conservation
Toxic releases from mining has polluted grazing lands and has led to violent protests.

Flawed Steel Still in Wide Use in Oil Pipelines
2015-04-06  InsideClimate News - Categorized under conservation
About 25 percent, or 48,400 miles, of US pipelines consist of pipes welded with the inferior method blamed for the Pegasus spill.

EPA sends controversial water rule to White House
2015-04-06  The Hill - Categorized under conservation
EPA says the regulation clarifies jurisdiction over US waters, but opponents say it is an unwarranted extension of Federal power.

Oil leaps 5 percent on tempered Iran view, slowing U.S. inventory rise
2015-04-06  Reuters - Categorized under commodities
News that rolling back sanctions on Iran could take a year, thus keeping it's crude off market, raised oil prices.

Iran nuclear deal raises investor attention
2015-04-06  BBC News - Categorized under conflict
After Iran negotiated a deal in which it would limits its nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions, international investors begin to investigate new business opportunities in Iran.

Brothers Divided, Iconic Ukrainian Miners Torn By War
2015-02-21  Le Monde - Categorized under Ukraine natural resources

Permaculture expert to lecture in Texas on making the most of rare rains
2014-10-04  Big Bend Now - Categorized under permaculture
An expert in rainwater harvesting explains how the strategy can be used in drylands to improve yields of food.

Permaculture advocate says work with nature, not against it
2014-10-04  Alberta Farmer Express - Categorized under permaculture