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Algerian Gas Plant Raid Has Deadly Impact

Location of In Amenas natural gas plant in Algeria, seized by militants Jan. 16, 2013
In Amenas attacked by militants. Click map to enlarge

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Jan. 17, 2013 - The Algerian government and the energy sector is still determining the impact of the January raid on the natural gas plant at In Amenas.

Most recently accounts from hostages revealed that the militant who took over the plant Jan. 19, 2013- The Algerian government announced its "final assault" on the In Amenas natural gas plant in the desert.

Militants associated with Al Qaeda seized an Algerian natural gas plant on Wed., Jan. 16 and taking hostages. Algerian forces retook the plant three days later, but not before the deaths or 37 foreign hostages and 29 militants.

The attacking group, the "Battalion of Blood," was linked to Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. The said the attack was in retaliation for French intervention in neighboring Mali. There militants have taken control of much of the northern part of the country. Among the areas under the militants control there is Timbuktu, which sits on the Niger River running through a country that is otherwise covered with desert.

Algerian natural gas goes to European and North African markets. However it exports 358 thousand barrels of oil per day to the US. It is among a list of US oil suppliers who rank poorly in freedom, peace and stability studies.

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In Amenas
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Algerian Gas Plant Raid Has Deadly Impact

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Battle Map: Site of Tigatourine natural gas facility at In Amenas in Algerian desert
On Jan 16, 2013 militants seized a remote natural gas facility in Algeria's extraction and pipeline network. The next Algerian forces attempted to rescue hostages and retake the facility. Reportedly 30 of the 41 hostages died during the attempt.