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Brent Crude Oil Still Above $100, US Gas $3.10

US Gasoline prices 2009 2010 Rising Gas PricesGasoline prices have risen steadily over two years
SOURCE: US Dept. of Energy
(Feb. 2, 11:35am EST) - Brent crude oil stayed above the $100 a barrel price it has held since Mon., Jan 31 when it jumped after the Mid-East turmoil. Brent traded over $102 late morning and West Texas Intermediate oil traded over $91 when the US DOE announced oil inventories rose 2.6 million barrels to 343.2 million barrels.

US motorists continued to see the effects at the pump. The American Automobile Association reports that the average price of gasoline in the US is $3.10 per gallon. Bloomberg reported that analysts are forecasting gas in the $3.40-$3.50 range this May.

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