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CO2 Emissions Up 2.6% in 2011

Much of China's pollution results from its exports to the EU and the US
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World emissions of carbon dioxide grew 2.6% to 38.2 billion tons in 2011, the Global Carbon Project reported. The report's authors called for a major effort to reduce the emissions responsible for much climate change.

China, by far, was directly responsible the most carbon emitted into the atmosphere, releasing 10 billion tons in 2011, up 10% from the year before.

That tonnage was about equal to the next three countries: the US, emitting 5.9 billion tons, down 2%; India 2.5 billion tons, up 7%; and Russia 1.8 billion tons, up 3%.

Carbon Exported to China

However much of China's emissions are a result of its production for exports to other countries, as the accompanying map shows. About 92.5 million tons are generated to make products for the US and 94.3 million tons for the EU.

The Global Carbon Project also noted that atmospheric carbon was measured at 390 parts per million in 2011. It had been slightly below 340 ppm in 1980, but was at 278 ppm in 1750, before the Industrial Revolution.

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