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Haiti Rapid Response Aid Gives Insights

Sustainable and Renewable Technologies Play Role in Recovery

April 27, 2010 - Early relief efforts after Haiti's earthquake yielded lessons about natural disaster preparation, aid workers said in a Webcast about rapid response research.

Information can perish quickly after a disaster, said Dennis Wenger of the National Science Foundation during an online seminar. A social scientist, a seismologist and a civil engineer, said that collecting information in their respective disciplines soon after the Jan. 12 earthquake provided valuable details.

For example, the poor quality of materials used in construction caused significant building damage and associated human death and injury. Quick response investigation before the debris was cleared helped assess rebuilding and retraining efforts.

Also, the researchers said renewable energy technology helped their initial work in the field and that sustainable and renewable technology should be adopted appropriately at the early stages of recovery.
The NSF video and resources are here.      More resources on Haiti recovery are here.

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