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Hayden, former CIA Chief, Discusses Prospects of Iranian Nuclear Program

Michael Hayden discusses Iran's nuclear program
More video of his comments.

Hayden Discusses Prospects
of Iranian Nuclear Program

Iran is developing its nuclear program in a way that eventually will leave others guessing whether it has acquired a nuclear bomb, forecast Michael Hayden, former head of the CIA and retired Air Force general, at a Henry L. Stimson Center forum.

He added in comments after the forum that Iran has dispersed its nuclear facilities throughout its territory, and if a military response were chosen to address the threat it would require a campaign because a raid would not be sufficient. This, he said, casts doubts on whether Israel would have the resources for such an attack.

Hayden also described the political conditions he faced as head of the CIA and discussed the pre-war intelligence estimate that Iraq had a weapons of mass destruction program. Click for continued coverage