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House Proposes Cuts to Environmental Programs

The House of Representatives has proposed cutting $61 billion from the Fiscal Year 2011 budget, including many defundings of environmental programs and also has passed amendments calling for loosening federal regulation environmental protections.

Not included in the cuts were President Obama's proposals to cut billions of subsidies for the fossil fuel industry.

The Federal effort against greenhouse gas regulation has been challenged in two ways: first, greenhouse gasses would be defined by law and the Federal government would be prohibited from regulating its emissions from stationary sources; and, second, cuts $8.4 million from the Greenhouse Gas Registry.

Other proposed cutbacks include:
*Defunding US participation in the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
*Cutting $1.5 million from the Green the Capitol program
*Banning use of EPA funds to enforce its emission rule on the cement industry
*Prohibiting the EPA from using funds to regulate fossil fuel emission waste

Further, there are cuts to river research, spending money to alter ambient air quality standards and using funds to revoke a license under the Clean Water Act.

The legislation, which passed during an all-night session and which could avert a government shut-down, now goes to the Senate, which could alter it and induce a compromise.

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