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Keystone XL Opposed as Decision Nears

Protesters circle the White House demanding termination of the Keystone XL pipeline plan - Video by
Protesters encircled the White House urging President Obama to deny permission for a tar sand slurry pipeline that will pass over a major aquifer in the MidWest.

Donning polar bear costumes and chanting slogans, thousands stood side-by-side in a line stretching not only around the White House, but also the Old Executive Building and the US Treasury.

President Obama has said that he would make the final decision this year whether the 1,700-mile pipeline is in the national interest. The pipeline would transport a tar-like substance to refining plants the US South and is expected to provide 560,000 barrels of oil a day, although its proponents assert it will cary 700,000 bpd.

However the pipeline will traverse the Ogallala aquifer in Nebraska, threatening a finite and major source of water with oil spills. For more Keystone XL news and data click here.

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Catalyst for sulphur removal from hydrocarbons - Alberta Oil Sands Technology and Research Authority
From site: "...oil sand bitumen, large deposits of which exist in the Athabasca oil sand deposits of Alberta, Canada, contain about 4.5 to 5.0% by weight sulphur."

Tar Sands Basics
From site: "About two tons of tar sands are required to produce one barrel of oil. Roughly 75% of the bitumen can be recovered from sand."

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The Web page has map of pipeline routes superimposed on the Ogallala acquifer