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Natural Gas Shortages Hit New Mexico, Arizona

Natural Gas Pipelines in the United States. New Mexico, Arizona have two major pipeline corridors extending from Texas.Natural Gas Pipelines in the US, Click to Enlarge

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Southwest Freeze Click Here

Feb. 3, 2011 - The governor of New Mexico declared a state of emergency as natural gas shortages began affecting various communities in the west. Cities in Arizona also reported shortages.

The cold weather that is extending across much of the United States is not missing the southwest. Frigid weather froze natural gas wells just as increase for the heating fuel was climbing.

NM Gov. Susana Martinez called on residents of her state to lower their thermostats to the mid-60 degree range and to conserve electricity. She said the use of electricity is not isolated from the the supply of natural gas. Pipelines use electrical pumps to move natural gas along; if electricity supplies are also curtailed the pipes will lose pressure. Also, New Mexico uses 4.7 million cubic feet of natural gas to generate electricity.

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Ukraine's Energy Balance, from the International Energy Agency
The graphic shows the sources and uses of Ukraine's energy mix, including energy losses from its power generation and other processes. In Ukraine, these losses are roughly equal to the amount of energy Ukraine gets from its Russian natural gas imports.

Syria's Energy Situation, by the US DOE

The conversion factors cover calculation between weight, volume and calorific measures. They provide data for crude oil, products, natural gas, LNG, electricity and solid fuels
1 billion cubic feet of LNG = 0.021 million metric tons

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