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Local Gardening: Connecting the Dots

Wangari Gardens, Washington DC
This page will be dedicated to the issues facing local gardeners and the issues that local gardeners address.

Wangari Gardens
GlobalResourcesNews.com has participated in the Wangari Gardens project in DC (see video to left). Located on three acres a few miles from the White House, this community garden combines private plots, open-to-the-public gardening and a newly-planted forest garden.

As the organizers mention, the surrounding neighborhood is somewhat of a food desert, meaning there are limited opportunities for people to buy fresh and healthy food at a reasonable price in their own neighborhoods.

Foodshed Mapping
Another way to approach local gardening and local food security issues to look at the concept of a "foodshed" in contrast to a food desert. This term refers to the collection and interconnection of local food-producing resources within a community.

In Washington, DC, a non-profit called Ecolocity has produced a Foodshed Map which locates efforts such as gardens, food co-ops and community supported agriculture drop-off zones.

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