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Extreme Weather

Extreme weather includes drought, which deprives plants of water necessary for life, and tornadoes which destroy homes. Climate Change is among the factors driving extreme weather.
The first years of the 21st Century have seen unusual hurricanes, tornado swarms, floods and droughts descending upon natural areas, croplands and cities.

Some say it is a largely a manifestation of man-made climate change; others attribute it to natural variability and periodic trends of the earth. And there is the argument that it is some of both.

Whatever the cause, extreme weather is causing thousands of deaths and destroying billions of dollars of property and crops. Coastlines are impacted by sea level rise, even at the rate of a few millimeters a year.

This channel helps you stay informed about the issues and ramifications of extreme weather.

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Extreme Weather
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NASA Study Projects Warming-Driven Changes in Global Rainfall
From the site: "The models project for every 1 degree Fahrenheit of carbon dioxide-induced warming, heavy rainfall will increase globally by 3.9 percent and light rain will increase globally by 1 percent. However, total global rainfall is not projected to change much because moderate rainfall will decrease globally by 1.4 percent. "

Billion-dollar disasters in 2011, Hurricane Irene was most expensive

From the Web site: " Definition of "Mesonet"

"Mesonet" is a combination of the words "mesoscale" and "network".

In meteorology, "mesoscale" refers to weather events that range in size from about one mile to about 150 miles. Mesoscale events last from several minutes to several hours. Therefore, mesoscale weather events are phenomenon that might go undetected without densely spaced weather observations. Thunderstorms, wind gusts, heatbursts, and drylines, are examples of mesoscale events.

A "network" is an interconnected system.

Thus, the Oklahoma Mesonet is a system designed to measure the environment at the size and duration of mesoscale weather events."

Hundred Year Forecast: Drought
Good long-term drought records and online mapping about drought and water availability.