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Conflict over Oil

Map of oil producing countries that export to the United States and their political, peace and stability status rankings.
The US gets 60% of its imported oil from countries
which are not free nor stable. Click on map for more details.
The world economy pumped 87 million barrels of oil a day in 2011, up from 84 mlllion in 2007. With emerging economies demanding more petroleum to fuel their growth, oil producers are turning to more difficult conditions and hostile territories for their exploration and production.

The increasing difficulties in maintaining high production rates is the key metric in this conflict. Although the earth may contain billions of barrels of oil or similar hydrocarbons, it is only the amount that can be extracted in a timely fashion that is use to economies and societies. There have been many examples of this extraction rate going into decline after a high point, a phenomenon called "Peak Oil." The United States experience Peak Oil in the early 1970's. As other countries, and ultimately the world as a whole, go into Peak Oil phases, competition is expected to become more intense.

The map to the right shows the political status of countries which export oil to the United States. The green countries are assessed as 'free' by the think tank Freedom House. The yellow countries are 'partly free' and the purple are 'not free.' The United States gets 60 percent of its foreign oil from countries which are neither free, peaceful nor stable. Click on the map to enlarge it and for a table and its accompanying story.

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