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Water makes up over two-thirds of the earth's surface. It is vital for life. Humans start to die after three days without water.

The supply and quality of water are major drivers of conflict. However, research shows that people and societies also find many ways to cooperate on its use and allocation.

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Global Map and Infographic of Water Conflict Hotspots
Derived from the Transboundary Water Dispute Database of the University of Oregon.

The Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database (TFDD)
"A database intended for use in aiding the process of water conflict prevention and resolution. We have developed this database, a project of the Oregon State University Department of Geosciences, in collaboration with the Northwest Alliance for Computational Science and Engineering."


How much water is needed in emergencies
This World Health Organization document says that minimum water needs break down as follows:
Drinking - 2.5 liters per day
Hygiene - 2.0 liters per day
Cooking - 3.0 liters per day