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The Dealmaker Who Helped a U.S. Hedge Fund Score Congo Oil Prize
Boomberg Business - 2015-05-08

Mexican gold mines beset by robberies, kidnappings
The Globe and Mail - 2015-04-08

Russian Oil Exports Dropped as Buyers Diversified Sources
Forbes - 2015-04-07

Fighting in Yemen is creating a humanitarian crisis
The Washington Post - 2015-04-07

In China's Inner Mongolia, mining spells misery for traditional herders
The Washington Post - 2015-04-07

Global Resources News stories

Tweaking Climate to Cool It Gets Serious Look from Scientists, Lawmakers

World Shale Plays Face Water Risk

Fossil Fuels: Warming vs Jobs

Badra Oil Field in Iraq Opens Production

Labor Day, 2014, Gasoline Cheapest in Years

Algeria Re-Elects President to Fourth Term. Energy Sector Growing.

US Bombs ISIS; Iraqi Citizens Flee The Militants

Ukraine-Russia Border Tensions Increase

Libyan Rebels in Control of US Embassy Site in Tripoli

US: There is Evidence of Russia Firing Into Ukraine

Oil Assets Change Hands in MENA Conflicts

Fragile States Index Tracks A Decade
Of Resource, Political Conflict

Iraqi Refinery Attacked By Militants

Carbon Rule Proposal Debated

Ukraine's President-Elect Calls for Unity

Climate Change: Human versus Natural Causes

Ukrainian Energy at Crossroads

Food Data Reveals Ecological Impacts

Ukraine Energy Future Remixed Due to Crisis

Wet Weather Fails to Lift California Drought

The Natural Gas Card in Ukraine

Hunger Adds to Syria Crisis

Renewables to Top Gas: IEA

Smog Spreads in Southeast Asia

Gold's Fall Continues

US Plans Arms for Syrian Rebels

Air Quality Improvements Uneven

Pipeline Spills Becoming More Costly

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Targeted in Budget

World Watches for Nuclear Test by North Korea

Pegasus Pipeline Spill in Arkansas

Kenyan Vote Held Valid

KXL Pipeline Comments Due in April

Iraq Charts Oil Future Amidst Challenges

Pipelines Protested by Native Americans

Conflict Minerals Persist as Rebel Surrenders

Kenyan Elections Test Country's Future

Algerian Gas Plant Raid Has Deadly Impact

Propane Scarce, Crops Threatened in Freeze

Offshore Problems Beset Shell in North

April Oil Deficit at $11.4 Billion

CO2 Emissions Up 2.6% in 2011

Aftermath of Sandy Hits East Coast

Winter Fuel Spending to Rise: EIA

Offshore Drilling Safety After Macondo

Arctic Drilling Continues Despite Test Failure

Isaac Hits Gulf. Venezuelan Refinery Smolders

Extreme Weather Takes Toll on Crops, Society

Food Prices Rise as Drought Persists

US Oil Suppliers Assessed

Drought and Food Prices Climb in Tandem

Canada Clears China's $15.1B Bid for Nexen Oil Firm

Pipeline Attack Reduces Iraq Oil Exports

Mineral-Rich States Among the Least Stable

IEA: Natural Gas Must Meet 'Golden Rules'

OPEC Spare Capacity Drops, But Now Prices Fall

Marcellus Shale Impacts Pennsylvania Economy

Oil Ends Week Lower, Gasoline Dropping

Oil Report Lowers Price of Nymex Contracts

South Sudan Takes Sudanese Oil Town of Heglig

Gasoline Prices Hover Around $4 per Gallon

Tight Oil Adds Energy Security, Has Local Impact

Oil Ends Week, Starts December Above $100

Shale Advisors Call for Disclosure of Chemicals

Advisory Report on Shale Gas

Keystone XL Opposed as Decision Nears

Conference in DC Addresses Peak Oil

Oil Stays in $90 Range Despite Big Inventory

Libya's Gaddafi Killed in Rebellion

Oil Markets Watch Libyan End Game

New Geopolitics of Clean Energy Emerging

UN Forecasts Growth in Clean Energy Jobs

Gas Prices Keep Rising, Oil Nears $100

Libyan Revolt Grows, Oil Reserves High

House Proposes Cuts to Environmental Programs

Obama Seeks to Cut Oil, Gas, Coal Subsidies

Clean Air Rules Forecast to Create New Jobs

Green Jobs A Growing Field

Oil Slips Slightly As Mideast Talks Continue

Egyptian Pipeline Fire Cuts Gas to Israel, Jordan

Natural Gas Shortages Hit New Mexico, Arizona

Brent Crude Oil Still Above $100, US Gas $3.10

Bingaman: Energy Policy Must Be World-Class

Oil and Politics Mix Uneasily in Strife-Prone Middle East

Congressional Committees Look at Offshore Drilling Safety and Economics

Obama: End Oil Subsidies, Finance Alternatives

World Celebrates Peace, Goodwill to All Creation on Christmas 2010

Political Power Holds Within Corn States

Census Shifts Power to Coasts, to South

Online Energy Innovation Tracker Launched

Cancun Reaffirms Much, AdvancesSome Points

Natural Gas Could Ease Pain of Regulations

Scholars: US, China Both Can Grow in Renewables

Faithful Grapple With Economic Paths, Problems

Existing Cap-and-Trade Credits See Volatility

Chu Calls for Research on New Energy Sources

Pennsylvania Gears Up for More Shale Gas

House Elections Reshuffle Climate Policy Debate

Ecology Ranks High in Online News Awards

Alaska National Oil Reserve Estimate Cut by 90%

Hayden, former CIA Chief, Discusses Prospects of Iranian Nuclear Program

Efficiency is 'First Fuel' FERC Chair Tells Forum

Highlights From 2012 and 2011 Winter Fuel Outlooks

Offshore Wind Farm Transmission Line Planned

Hansen Calls for Carbon Fee Rebated to Public

BP Report Looks at Deepwater Horizon Disaster

UN Climate Panel Must Obey Its Own Rules, Report Says, Calling for New Leadership Structure

Wind Power Up, US Energy Use Falls in 2009

$1 Million Prize for the Best Ocean Oil Cleanup

Plan for 2050 Energy Mix Calls for Big Cuts
In Carbon Emissions and Fossil Fuel Use

Studies Look at Links Between Oil and Congress

Resources on Obama's Energy Speech

Gulf Oil Spill Preoccupies World Oceans Day

Easy to Cheat with Nuclear Bombs? Think Again

Offshore Oil From Gulf Spill Washing Ashore

Haiti Rapid Response Aid Gives Insights

Senate Holds Hearing on Ocean Acidification

Experts: Green Jobs Growing, But Policy Must Keep Pace

Tweaking the Climate to Cool It Gets Serious Look from Scientists, Lawmakers

Converted Bomb Plutonium to Fuel Nuclear Power Plants Under Agreement

Pulitzer Works Look at Environmental, Conflict and Natural Resource Issues

E-Cars' Impact Assessed In Hundreds of Billions of Dollars

Clean Cities Measure Up Around US, World

Obama to Open New Areas to Offshore Drilling

Solar-Powered Water Purifier Can Clean 6,500 Gallons a Day

Climate Legislation Uncertain in Congress

Carbon Trading in Flux as Stakeholders Wait for Policy

Blizzard Cuts Much Power, Takes Heavy Toll on Trees

Physicians for Social Responsibility Report Details Coal's Health Impacts

Gasoline Prices

Search news sites for commodity and conflict information

Energy Technology Perspectives 2010

Artist Call for Ecology

Your Solution Builder

Keystone XL pipeline protest video

Efficient Stoves in Africa

Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup

Solana Concentrating Solar Power

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Expert Commentary on the Gulf Oil Spill

UN Resolution on the MH17 Downing in Ukraine

Weekly Reports about Natural Resources

Map of Brega Oil Terminal

Downed Jet in Ukraine

Ukraine Battle - Donetsk

Libya - Brega Port

Syria - Timeline

Detroit Bankruptcy

Bioswales Channel Rainwater to Sustain a Garden

Climate Change: Human versus Natural Causes

Videos of Native American Keystone XL Protests

Ukraine Natural and Economic Resources

CIA Cover Story Gives Birth to Deep Ocean Mining

Mapping the Fire Disaster in Valparaiso, Chile

Links from State of the Map 2014

Stability, Freedom Status of Oil Suppliers

Table of the Freedom, Stability, Corruption & Peace Status of US Oil Suppliers

Keystone XL Pipeline Maps

Hurricane Map

DC Benchmarking Law

Search Boxes of World News Papers

The Basics of GlobalResourcesNews

Maps of Shale Gas and Oil

My Clip File

Externalities and Hidden Costs of Economic Activity

History of Obama Admininstration's Call for Review of Keystone XL Pipeline and Delay of the Project Past 2012 Election.

Keystone XL Pipeline Protest Video

Shale Gas Has Challenges, But Study Group Holds Out Hope

Video Coverage of Occupy Wall Street, Occupy DC and related events, October 2011

DOE International Energy Outlook Sees Big Energy Use Increase by 2035

Unified, Long-Term Renewable Energy Policy Needed, says Sen. Murkowski

Energy Management Changes Coming to DC

Hurricane Strength Guide

Key Links for Hurricane Preparedness

Oil Production in Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Maps of Libya Oil Fields, Pipelines and Terminals

Condos, Co-ops Save Energy with Good Studies

What’s the Latest on Energy Efficiency for DC Co-ops and Condos

New Clean Energy Geopolitics Emerging

UN Security Council Resolution 1973
Establishing No-Fly Zone over Libya
and Authorizing All Necessary Actions to Protect Civilians in that Conflict

Green Jobs Will Grow with Investment of 2% of Global GDP: UN Forecast

Economic Calendar

Marcellus Shale - Facts, Figures, Maps

Externalities, Hidden Costs in Economy and Society

Environmental Job Boards

IRS Standard Mileage Rates for Recent Years

2010 Congressional Reapportionment


Hayden: Iran's Complex Nuclear Program Will Confuse, Be Hard to Dismantle

NatGas Falls as Inventories Rise & Economic Worries Mount

Best Reads

Welcome to Bed, Bike and Breakfast

The Barque Eagle Tackles a Squall in the Gulf of Mexico

Cool People Doing Cool Things Videos

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Explaining Commodities

Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference 2010

Conferences on Green Investments, Green Jobs

Research Services of Global Resources News

Archives of news stories of GlobalResourcesNews.com

Haiti Aid - Water, Food

Climate Legislation Uncertain in Congress

Carbon Trading Policy in Flux

Copper Prices Stable Earthquake, Mines Reopen

Blizzard Snow at White House

Advertising to an Audience Concerned with Commodities, Conflict and the Environment

British Industry Group Examines Peak Oil

Corporate Values Statement and Terms of Service of GlobalResourcesNews.com

Renewable Energy Technology 2010 Conference

Sen. Murkowski Opposes EPA Proposal to Regulate Carbon

Redevelopment of Haiti

Social Media Activity of Global Resources News

Report Details Coal's Health Impacts

Reporting, research and editorial services about commodities, conflict, risks and solutions.

Local Gardening: Connecting the Dots Channel

Extreme Weather Channel

Chevron Refinery Fire of Mon. Aug. 6, 2012 Channel

Saudi Arabia's Giant Ghawar Oil Field Channel

Good Maps Channel

Uranium Enrichment Channel

Food Trade Channel

Conflict over Oil Channel

Hurricane Channel

Wildfires Channel

Winter Fuel Channel

Ways of Saving Energy in Condos and Co-operatives Channel

Food Waste: Causes, Ramifications, Solutions Channel

South China Sea Channel

Pipeline Spills Becoming More Costly Channel

Clean Cities Channel Channel

Photovoltaic Solar Cells Channel

Social Cost of Carbon Channel

Syria Channel Channel

Conflict Resolution Channel

Conflict Channel

Commodity News Channel

Conservation News Channel

Economic News Channel

Keystone XL Channel Channel

Humanitarian Mapping Channel

Algeria Oil, Gas & Pipelines Channel

Russian Natural Gas Channel

Fuel Shortages Channel

Libya, Conflict over Oil, Gas and Politics Channel

Water Channel Channel

Permaculture Channel Channel

Arctic Drilling Channel

Celine Cousteau on the world's oceans.
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Jakarta cyclists see bike lanes as response to city's traffic crisis

John Hofmeister, ex-CEO of Shell Oil, forecasts $5/gallon gasoline by 2012 His Platts Energy Week interview is above. Here are his comments on the CNN Parker Spitzer Web site.

Tips on improving gas mileage.


Mercy Corps helps make and distribute efficient wood-burning stoves in the DRC.

Mercy Corps helps make and distribute efficient wood-burning stoves in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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