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Renewables to Top Gas: IEA

Gold's Fall Continues

Canada Clears China's $15.1B Bid for Nexen Oil Firm

Advisory Report on Shale Gas

Keystone XL Opposed as Decision Nears

Conference in DC Addresses Peak Oil

Oil Stays in $90 Range Despite Big Inventory

Pulitzer Works Look at Environmental, Conflict and Natural Resource Issues

Obama to Open New Areas to Offshore Drilling

Solana Concentrating Solar Power

Externalities and Hidden Costs of Economic Activity

DOE International Energy Outlook Sees Big Energy Use Increase by 2035

NatGas Falls as Inventories Rise & Economic Worries Mount

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Explaining Commodities

Copper Prices Stable Earthquake, Mines Reopen

Advertising to an Audience Concerned with Commodities, Conflict and the Environment

British Industry Group Examines Peak Oil

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Reporting, research and editorial services about commodities, conflict, risks and solutions.

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Oil production costs by country, 2009

Forbes Columnist forecasts $8 Natural Gas
Describes below-average injections into storage during the spring and summer of 2012.

Marketwatch speaks of metals market bottoming out in second half of March 2011

Gasoline prices start the year with a bang - Commodities Corner - MarketWatch

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