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Water - Stories, Links and Resources

Global Resources News stories

World Shale Plays Face Water Risk

Fossil Fuels: Warming vs Jobs

Ukrainian and Russian Energy at Crossroads

Food Data Reveals Ecological Impacts

Ukraine Energy Future Remixed Due to Crisis

Wet Weather Fails to Lift California Drought

Pegasus Pipeline Spill in Arkansas

KXL Pipeline Comments Due in April

Pipelines Protested by Native Americans

Offshore Problems Beset Shell in North

Aftermath of Sandy Hits East Coast

Offshore Drilling Safety After Macondo

Arctic Drilling Continues Despite Test Failure

Isaac Hits Gulf. Venezuelan Refinery Smolders

Extreme Weather Takes Toll on Crops, Society

IEA: Natural Gas Must Meet 'Golden Rules'

Shale Advisors Call for Disclosure of Chemicals

Advisory Report on Shale Gas

Keystone XL Opposed as Decision Nears

House Proposes Cuts to Environmental Programs

Congressional Committees Look at Offshore Drilling Safety and Economics

Obama: End Oil Subsidies, Finance Alternatives

Census Shifts Power to Coasts, to South

Existing Cap-and-Trade Credits See Volatility

Pennsylvania Gears Up for More Shale Gas

Ecology Ranks High in Online News Awards

BP Report Looks at Deepwater Horizon Disaster

Wind Power Up, US Energy Use Falls in 2009

$1 Million Prize for the Best Ocean Oil Cleanup

Plan for 2050 Energy Mix Calls for Big Cuts
In Carbon Emissions and Fossil Fuel Use

Gulf Oil Spill Preoccupies World Oceans Day

Offshore Oil From Gulf Spill Washing Ashore

Senate Holds Hearing on Ocean Acidification

Obama to Open New Areas to Offshore Drilling

Solar-Powered Water Purifier Can Clean 6,500 Gallons a Day

Detroit Bankruptcy

Bioswales Channel Rainwater to Sustain a Garden

Videos of Native American Keystone XL Protests

CIA Cover Story Gives Birth to Deep Ocean Mining

Links from State of the Map 2014

Keystone XL Pipeline Maps

DC Benchmarking Law

Externalities and Hidden Costs of Economic Activity

Shale Gas Has Challenges, But Study Group Holds Out Hope

Energy Management Changes Coming to DC

Condos, Co-ops Save Energy with Good Studies

What’s the Latest on Energy Efficiency for DC Co-ops and Condos

Marcellus Shale - Facts, Figures, Maps


The Barque Eagle Tackles a Squall in the Gulf of Mexico

Haiti Aid - Water, Food

British Industry Group Examines Peak Oil

Renewable Energy Technology 2010 Conference

Redevelopment of Haiti

Extreme Weather Channel

Saudi Arabia's Giant Ghawar Oil Field Channel

Uranium Enrichment Channel

Food Trade Channel

Ways of Saving Energy in Condos and Co-operatives Channel

Food Waste: Causes, Ramifications, Solutions Channel

South China Sea Channel

Clean Cities Channel Channel

Commodity News Channel

Humanitarian Mapping Channel

Water Channel Channel

Celine Cousteau on the world's oceans.
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Global Map and Infographic of Water Conflict Hotspots
Derived from the Transboundary Water Dispute Database of the University of Oregon.

The Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database (TFDD)
"A database intended for use in aiding the process of water conflict prevention and resolution. We have developed this database, a project of the Oregon State University Department of Geosciences, in collaboration with the Northwest Alliance for Computational Science and Engineering."

United Nation's page on Maritime Boundaries
The page describes UN conventions regarding the delimitation of sovereign territorial waters, and includes country pages with tables giving the latitudes and longitudes of territorial water boundaries. Ukraine is included.

National Geographic Video on a drought lease program for the Yampa River
The video describes how the Colorado River Trust leased water allocations from willing sellers, such as a water district, to augment the flow of water in the Yampa River. The drought in the west had lowered the flow of the Yampa, harming businesses, fish, wildlife and agriculture.

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