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Externalities and Hidden Costs
of Economic Activity

This is a compilation of well-researched studies of the hidden and unpriced costs of commodities, products and systems in the US economy. Users are encouraged to study the supporting documentation found via the links and are urged to take great care when making calculations based on the estimated costs herein; in this alpha version no attempt has been made to correct for double counting. Future versions will strive to address this and other issues, and users are encouraged to share recommendations.

Health Effects of Coal

Includes respitory disease, eye deterioration, and miner accidents.
Estimated cost: $60,000,000,000
Physicians for Social Responsibility
The work of Physicians for Social Responsibility builds on a report by the National Academies of Science.
Tags: health, coal, health, energy, medical, hosptial Value-type: commodity Value-item: coal

Military Protection for Foreign Oil and Oil Routes

Large cost of maintaining many military bases and operations abroad, including the Fifth Fleet of the US Navy and various combat and logistical wings of the US Air Force in Bahrain.
Estimated cost: $39,000,000,000
International Center for Technology Assessment
The International Center for Technology Assessment estimated that the US military cost of securing foreign oil is between $39 billion and $98.5 billion. To put this in context, the lower figure would have added $9.11 cost to each barrel of imported oil (4.2 billion bbl) in 2010. ICTA itself estimated that this security externality equals about 21 cent to 32 cents per gallon of gasoline. ICTA cited several governmental and non-governmental sources in discussing and assessing its estimates.
Tags: oil security, oil, navy, water, middle east, security risk, military expenditure Value-type: commodity Value-item: oil

Damages from Automobiles and Trucks

Health and other nonclimate-related damages
Estimated cost: $56,000,000,000
National Academies of Science
From the Web site: "In 2005 motor vehicles produced $56 billion in health and other nonclimate-related damages, says the report."
Tags: automobiles, cars, transportation, fuel, extractive industries Value-type: integrated system Value-item: automotive sector

Underage Drinking

auto accidents, lost work, pain and suffering damages
Estimated cost: $69,100,000,000
Monheit Law

Tags: , drinking, alcohol, impaired judgment, legal action, health, mental health, childrearing, education Value-type: harmful behavior Value-item: consumer product - intoxicant

Weather may cost $485 billion in US

Economic cost of weather may total $485 billion in U.S.
Estimated cost: $485,000,000,000

Tags: externalities, weather, climate change Value-type: Value-item:

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