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DOE International Energy Outlook Sees Big Energy Use Increase by 2035

Howard Gruenspecht, EIA’s Acting Administrator, speaks at CSIS
The world will use 53 percent more energy by 2035, predicts the US Department of Energy in its International Energy Outlook 2011.

Although reneweable energy would experience the highest growth rate, fossil fuels are still anticipated to be the dominant source of energy, said Howard Gruenspecht, acting administrator of the Energy Information Administration.

Renewables should grow by 2.8 percent year, he said, growing from 10 percent of the world's energy mix in 2008 to 15 percent in 2035. However fossil fuels would account for 78 percent of energy use.

Natural gas would be the fastest growing component of the fossil fuel mix, increasing 1.6 percent a yaer from 111 trillion cubic feet in 2008 to 169 trillion in 2035. Unconventional (and often controversial) natural gas such as shale gas, tight gas and and coalbed methane would be substantial commodities in the DOE's estimate.

The International Energy Outlook employs a "Reference Case" in making its forecasts, meaning it bases its predictions on the policies and laws in place during the year the report is published.

Graphs describing these and other forecasts are below.