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Global Resources Research

When the Problem is Serious, Turn to Us

GlobalResourcesNews is available for select freelance writing, research and database projects. Our expertise enables us to meet your needs by either supporting or fulfilling a project. Our location in Washington, DC enables us to more readily access the information resources of the nation's capital.

Our fee-based services include:

  • Researching, writing and preparing reports that tackle serious and difficult questions
  • Finding the very best sources to establish a firm background in a subject
  • Transmitting those sources in a way that is best for your organization
  • Constructing Web directories on demand
  • Photography and video
  • Data analysis and database management
  • Web publication project management and consulting
  • Well-written articles to give your publication original content
  • Turning raw data into meaningful information tables

We specialize in looking at all sides of a story and adhere closely to the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics. We take the same objective and even-handed professional approach to our research services as we do to our coverage of news linking the interests of the economy and the environment.

The principal for Global Resources News and Research is Robert Thomason. Thomason served for 20 years as a news researcher and a special correspondent for the Washington Post. He has provided research and writing for the National Geographic magazine and various business publications.

Please e-mail contact@globalresourcesnews.com to describe your project, your organization and if necessary your budget. We will respond promptly.