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Canada Clears China's $15.1B Bid for Nexen Oil Firm

IEA: Natural Gas Must Meet 'Golden Rules'

Marcellus Shale Impacts Pennsylvania Economy

Tight Oil Adds Energy Security, Has Local Impact

Shale Advisors Call for Disclosure of Chemicals

Advisory Report on Shale Gas

Pennsylvania Gears Up for More Shale Gas

Efficiency is 'First Fuel' FERC Chair Tells Forum

Maps of Shale Gas and Oil

Shale Gas Has Challenges, But Study Group Holds Out Hope

DOE International Energy Outlook Sees Big Energy Use Increase by 2035

Unified, Long-Term Renewable Energy Policy Needed, says Sen. Murkowski

Marcellus Shale - Facts, Figures, Maps

British Industry Group Examines Peak Oil

News from our recommended news reading list

Energy Department approves expanded LNG exports

3 Foreign Companies Invest in U.S. Project to Export Liquid Gas

Judge rules administration overlooked fracking risks in California mineral leases

Frackers Are Losing $1.5 Billion Yearly to Leaks

Chesapeake Opens Drill Site to EPA Fracking Study

Ukraine set to sign landmark $10 bln shale gas deal with Shell

WPX hits major natural gas resevoir in western Colorado

Digging into the practice of fracking

Total: Oil Production to Peak at 98M Barrels per Day

In a Natural Gas Glut, Big Winners and Losers

Natural Gas Rises to 10-Month High as Power Plants Buoy Demand

Natural Gas Rigs: Headed Towards A Shortage, Part II

Natural Gas Rigs: Headed Towards A Shortage - Part I

U.S. Natural Gas Resources Bigger Than Estimated, Analyst Says

Pa. charities: $19M for gas drilling research

Natural Gas Pipelines to Expand U.S. Supply, Especially of Shale Gas

Shale Fracking Makes U.S. Natural Gas Superpower. Now What?

Natural-gas pipeline to start in NE Ohio

An American bonanza of oil and natural gas

PA DEP Announces 1 Year Study on Air Quality in Marcellus

U.S. natural gas rig count slips to a 13-year low

Natural-gas prices force down number of Marcellus drilling rigs by 29 percent

Pa./N.J. Basin May Have 876 BCF of Shale Gas, But Drillers Doubt Profitability of the Deposit

EPA issues first rules on air pollution from fracking - latimes.com

Officials warn lack of rain leading to drought

Gas Producers' Credit Lines Shrink With Price: Corporate Canada

Explosion rocks natural gas compressor station

$1B Marcellus pipeline proposed

Estimates Clash for How Much Natural Gas in the United States

Fourth year brings Haynesville Shale slowdown

The Uncertain Future of American Shale Gas

Rural loophole curbing Pennsylvania pipeline inspections

Fracturing natural gas wells requires hundreds of tons of chemical liquids

Examining America's Natural Gas Supply

New Data Not So Sunny on U.S. Natural Gas Supply

Boom in shale drilling slows Pa. crude oil industry -

EPA may retest PA. water near fracking

Delaware Highlands Conservancy announces natural gas guidelines

China Invests $2.2Bin US Shale, Including Utica, Through Devon

Schuyler-Seneca Town Talk: Ovid weighs in on hydraulic fracturing

W.Va. Legislature approves Marcellus shale bill

E.P.A. Implicates Fracking in Pollution

Shale Gas May Be a Mexican Mirage -

Shale gas opens door to U.S. LNG exports

Drilling Down - Fighting Over Oil and Gas Well Leases

North Dakota Oil Boom Creates Camps of Men

Officials Push for Clarity on Oil and Gas Leases

Insight: Bakken plans first U.S. refinery in 35 years

Landowners hope to profit from Utica Shale gas boom

The Bakken Formation: How Much Will It Help?

Situation Normal All Fracked Up

UPDATE 1-Argentina's YPF reveals big new shale energy find | Reuters

YPF announces a billion barrels shale-oil discovery in Argentina — MercoPress

The DRBC's Newly Proposed Natural Gas Regulations Explained

Ban on new gas drilling rejected by Peters, Pa. voters

El Paso's Marcellus ethane pipeline not in the cards

Brendan DeMelle: Massive Natural Gas Export Deal Inked by BG Group, So Much for Industry's "Domestic Energy" Claims

Cheniere to export 3.5 million tons of liquid natural gas, 20-year contract

Top 7 Marcellus Shale Gas Producers in PA | Marcellus Drilling News

Production results reported for natural gas drillers' new Ohio wells

Albany Study Shows Hydrofracking's Risks and Rewards

4 Things To Watch For At The Marcellus Shale Coalition's Philadelphia Conference

U.S. to Slash Marcellus Shale Gas Estimate 80% to 84 TCF

Insight: NY water at risk from lack of natgas inspectors?

Insiders Sound an Alarm Amid a Natural Gas Rush

Barnett Shale: U.S. oil rig count tops 1,000, thanks to Texas

New York Sues U.S. Over Delaware River Basin Gas Drilling

Maryland Gov. O'Malley Issues Order to Study Marcellus Shale Drilling - State Will Not See Drilling Until 2014 Earliest

O'Malley orders study of natural gas drilling in W. Md.

PA DEP, Marcellus Shale Coalition Admit Drilling Wastewater Likely Contaminating Drinking Water

Authority invests in study to save watershed land from drilling contamination

Shale gas 'fracking' halted after possible quake link

Hydraulic Fracturing for Natural Gas Pollutes Water Wells: Duke Study

Natural gas found in drinking water near fracking sites

Debate Continues on a Penn. Natural Gas Severance Tax Options

24 Companies Agree to Publish Fracking Chemicals

Marcellus shale gas may head overseas

Regulation Lax as Gas Wells’ Tainted Water Hits Rivers

Public weighs in on Marcellus at W.Va. Legislature

Proposed natural gas compressor station discussed in Pa township

Pa. Weighs Impact Fee Vs. Tax on Marcellus Shale Natural Gas

Pa. Legislature, Governor Struggle with Final Moves on Natural Gas Tax

Natural Gas Rig Count Slips to 966, Horizontal Rigs Off Record Count

EPA Requests Data From 9 Firms on Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals

Fracking Debated in Documentaries

NY Senate Votes for 9-Month Ban on Fracking for Natural Gas

Shale Natural Gas Comes into Play in Poland, Big E&P Interest

EPA to Study Frac Drilling for Natural Gas

Consol Buys Giant Marcellus Shale NatGas Field for $3.48B

Congress Looks to Regulate 'Frac' Gas Drilling

Some New Yorkers Call for Shale Gas Despite Concerns

Penn. Sees More Toxic Spills at Fractured Drilling Sites

Exxon Defends Shales Gas in Face of Tighter Laws

'Fracking' Techniques for Natural Gas Defended

Pa. Governor Backs Drilling for, Tax on Natural Gas

Shale Natural Gas Examined as Water Pollutant

Shale Debated as Natural Gas Source

Chesapeake Declines to Drill for Marcellus Shale Gas in New York Watershed

Links for the search term: shale

Natural Gas and Coal Measurements and Conversions

Economic effects of shale hydrofractruring in Ohio counties
Ohio job growth has been almost as strong (1.3% increase) in fracking-free counties as in strong fracking counties (1.4% job growth).

Forbes Columnist forecasts $8 Natural Gas
Describes below-average injections into storage during the spring and summer of 2012.

Marcellus Shale and Philadelphia's watershed

Shale gas EROI: Preliminary estimate suggests 70 or greater by Michael Aucott

Oil Shale's Energy Return on Energy Investment Findings show oil shale is, at best, a marginal energy source

DOE Office of Petroleum Reserves Strategic Unconventional Fuels Fact Sheet: U.S. Oil Shale Resources

Green River Oil Shale Formation - Green River Shale Map

Green River shale oil in place put at 1.45 trillion bbl

Ohio Dept of Natural Resources page on shale development

Analysis of Alaskan oil from a small cap energy investor
Discusses how Prudhoe Bay peaked in 1989 after about 12 years of production and has been declining ever since.

Chesapeake Loads Up On Fracking Land, Stock Going To $35

Shale Oil

Lessons from the Barnett Shale suggest caution in other shale plays
Study suggests that useful life of a hydrofractured natural gas well is 8-12 years and that it has yielded 75% of its economic output by year 5.

Will shale gas fulfill future U.S. natural gas demand?

Natural Gas Subcommittee of the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board

USGS August 2011 estimate of natural gas in Marcellus Shale formation (84 trillion cubic feet)
The US Geologic Survey gave an average-valued estimate of 84 trillion cubic feet.
USGS estimated with:

95% probability (P95) 42 TCF 50% probability (P50) 78 TCF 5% probability (P5) 144 TCF
DOE had put the Marcellus shale estimate at 410 trillion cubic feet.

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